Picture Frame Drop-Down Dining Table

During the construction of the kitchen in this house we also took on the opposite wall of mirrored doors to surround a state of the art television.  A unique feature of this installation was the creation of a dual-function item, a contemporary piece of art, framed in walnut, which can drop down to create a dining table as the frame separates to form the legs of the table.

We constructed the frame for the contemporary painting in solid walnut which lowers from the wall to become the dining table. The top part of the frame is mortice and tenoned together and attached with a piano hinge. It is held in place by concealed magnets. The table top itself is made from walnut veneered MDF edged in solid walnut. In order to counter-balance the weight of this construction, fold down bed sprung levers were used and elaborate mock-ups were made during the process to work out the final positioning. Much brain power was employed to make this work!

The final product looks stunning both as a picture and a Walnut topped dining surface.