Reservoir Road, Whitstable

This kitchen involved close collaboration with the client to ascertain the exact nature of their requirements before designing the kitchen that would best meet their needs. The client particularly wanted hole door openers for their ideal kitchen; which are not available ‘off the shelf’. Having a solid oak top mitred at the end and cabinets sprayed to an exact colour choice were other bespoke features.

We were able to measure the space and draw up a scheme that gave them a good impression of how the finished kitchen was going to look. Our recommendation to avoid the use of wall cabinets maintained the kitchen’s open and airy aspect. The corner cabinets were fitted with circular carousels to provide easily accessible storage in this difficult space for a kitchen layout.

Our client was pleasantly surprised that a high-quality, hand-built kitchen could be produced to their exacting specifications and still be competitive in price compared with well-known manufacturers.