Shelves & Shelving Units

For the white shelving units displayed we provided our full design and fit service, all based around Sarah Man’s beautiful sketches that gave our client a clear visual representation of the solution in advance of us commencing the construction process.

Due to the character of our client, her story and her collection of beautiful things, this design concept revolved around time and placement. Inspired by the blend of mid-century and contemporary styles, Sarah designed these stunning units and shelves which display books and wares whilst providing a fitting enclosure for the TV and sound system.

The challenge here was to make curved corners to the carcasses that were regular and strong. We used jigs to glue together layers of bendy ply and MDF. These had to be united with the straight sides in a way that was robust. Once constructed these were painted white, after which an oak edging was added that also had to be curved to fit. However the effort was worth it.

The other shelving units in the gallery show Alcove Shelving that we recently made from Scaffold board and Galvanised Tubing, which is both strong, pleasingly industrial and also cost effective. This uses galvanised Kee Clamp components which connect the units to the wall and look good.

To start the process of getting your own custom fixed or free-standing shelving units, please send us an email.