Krijn de Koning Installation Art

We constructed these two identical installation art structures for Dutch artist Krijn de Koning in the summer of 2014.

One was installed in the courtyard of Turner Contemporary in Margate as part of their ‘Summer of Colour’ series of exhibits.  The second structure featured the same layout on display at the gallery but was fitted into a cave at Folkestone Leas. This was part of the Folkestone Triennial Art show.

The pieces were both titled ‘Dwelling’ and they resemble multi-coloured mazes which intersected the containing spaces of the courtyard and cave respectively.  We had considerable input from artist Krijn de Koning, including a scale model of the courtyard structure. From this we were able to plot the walls and build them all during 3 weeks in July.

Despite having the same appearance externally the pieces differ considerably in terms of construction. Fitting the construction to the cave walls was a particularly intense challenge but we were pleased with the results.

Our blog post about this project contains photos of the Folkestone Leas cave installation and a video interview with Krijin de Koning.

Photo Credit: Thierry Bal