JD Beardmore, Fulham Road

We have had a long relationship with JD Beardmore, fitting out their first shop and making various pieces for the owner’s house, so we were glad to be asked to do all the shop fitting for their flagship showroom on Fulham Road in London. Our associate Interior designer Sarah Man of SLM Design came up with the design.

The brief was to make the most upmarket door furniture showroom the world has ever seen, using high-gloss hardwood veneers and polished metals to reflect the range of finishes JD Beardmore’s products are available in. The experience for the shopper needed to equal a visit to a haute couture boutique, with Versace and Tom Ford used as reference points.

JD Beardmore have an extensive range of products that needed to be on constant display so we made two brass walls with a grid of removable panels, each housing a selection of door furniture. There are also two runs of drawers topped-off with glass display cabinets. The drawers were made from solid Walnut with dovetail joints and lift-out trays padded with satin inlays. We wanted the products to be treated like jewels or precious treasure.

The building had very uneven walls that needed to be levelled out and made plumb before we could start fitting the wall panels. We worked closely with JD Beardmore’s own foundry who produced the Brass wall sections, these were perfectly square and exactly dimensioned so the pressure was on for us to match their level of precision!