Cath Kidston Shopfitting, Global

Moosejaw Woodworks - Cath Kidston FlagsA lot of the stand-alone joinery in Cath Kidston outlets is made by Moosejaw in Whitstable, including Gondolas, Pick and Mix Tables, Cash Desks, Fabric Bays and Jewellery Cabinets, Decorative Wardrobes and many brightly painted apple boxes that appear in the shop window displays.

The Kidston Gondola is based on a 1930s design discovered in a Vintage Furniture shop. The challenge here was to produce a contemporary version that featured all the attributes of adaptability and ease of stocking as well as the retro look of the original. To this we added a brass fiddle rail that we sourced and antiqued in our workshop. The crucial element was to retain these design features while delivering and this model has been very successful and has been rolled-out to Cath Kidston shops across the UK and Europe.

Our Pick and Mix tables are also ubiquitous. A classically designed table base is allied to a sweet-shop-style top. We have refined our production processes to provide good-looking, functional and cost-effective pieces.

As the shop design has evolved we have begun to use reclaimed timber in our joinery. Machined and treated with care the reclaimed timber becomes an attractive and durable surface for Cash and Wrap Desks.

We are regularly asked to construct prototype fittings for potential deployment across existing outlets some of which become the standard fixtures.