Espresso Bar Mozzino, Soho

One of the co-owners of this wonderful little Soho espresso bar had a very strong idea of what he wanted for the fit-out; it was to create a venue that echoes the essence of Italy and Italian chic while simultaneously capturing the zeitgeist of the 50s era and the world famous Vespa scooter.

We used recycled potter’s boards to create a  dovetail detail in the cladding on the long service bar as well as on the electrical cupboard. This dovetail had little structural purpose but significantly adds to the look and delivers the unique features and originality required, by creating an authentic semi-rustic feel that sets this establishment apart from the multitude of coffee shops nearby.

Such a large piece had to be pre-constructed in our workshop then broken down and reformed in the installation space.  We produced steel strapped shelves and steel framed benches topped with boards. One low table even features feet adapted from Vespa cylinder heads!

At the back of the shop there is a chest of drawers that we made from old suitcases which open to reveal collections of roadmaps from the era – quite some ingenuity was required for the design and construction of the wooden framework that made this functionality possible.

“Having asked Moosejaw to help us with the fit-out of Espresso Bar Mozzino in Carnaby Street in the West End of London, we knew we would be happy with the results and yet Moosejaw surpassed our expectations. We were really impressed with their craftsmanship and their professional attitude and input. Many customers have asked who did the joinery and we are always happy to recommend Moosejaw.”
Tobie Anderson Espresso Bar Mozzino